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[TAG] Clan Code of Conduct

Founders - Dekela, Mako, Jigsaw


  • Strive to promote team work and fair play through out all situations
  • Using any form of cheat, hack, glitch, broken game mechanic or exploit is not acceptable
  • Any form of prejudice based off, but not limited to race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs/creed will not be tolerated
  • Relax and enjoy both wins and losses, they are only games
  • Avoid becoming involved with in game arguments, trolling or griefing by being mature and respectful instead
  • Any form of abuse or personal attack against opponents or team mates is not acceptable
  • Foul language is not forbidden, but should be kept within reasonable levels
  • Individual clan members are responsible for their own posts, and are not necessarily the views of the other forum/clan members, owners or staff.
  • Clan members should be as active in the various games played as real life commitments allow
  • Clan tags show loyalty, trust and friendship, and should be worn in all games where possible
  • All illegal activities are prohibited

Members who fail to follow this code of conduct may be removed from the clan