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      Steam Profile Integration   01/18/2017

      Hey everyone you can add your steam profile to the forum. This is what your profile will look like. This is how to add your steam below.    
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      NEW Tanoa Exile server with CUP now open   08/13/2017

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  1. TANOA Comp Request

    Standard dynamics.
  2. TANOA Comp Request

    I will hop on now and check in settings.
  3. TANOA Comp Request

    Yep makes sense! If you watch the whole video I reach speeds of 250km/h but when the helicopter breaks I'm at 180. I tried to be very careful this time when flying to try and limit human error.
  4. TANOA Comp Request

    Hey guys just want to accentuate that the video was of today, I basically just wanted to test if the previous incident was a one-off. The strider in the video is safe at my base so no comp is needed for that. So to clarify I am requesting comp for two merlins and one strider (original screenshot.) Sorry for my tone I was quite frustrated.
  5. TANOA Comp Request

    Because like I said this is the second incident.
  6. TANOA Comp Request

    So I forked out some money to buy a merlin and this happened again. I'm sorry that the music was on. Skip to around 1:10 The Quality is low I think the video is processing still.
  7. TANOA Comp Request

    I get it now can't be soft when the boss is around Mayhem ready to deliver the finishing blow?
  8. TANOA Comp Request

    You've done a complete 180 on what you said to me before. Previously you refunded me an HMG strider with no proof what so ever, you explicitly told me to take screenshots for proof next time, which I have been doing.
  9. TANOA Comp Request

    I sat in team speak for 4 hours waiting for someone to talk to, you think I would make all this up for 40k of loot when if you look in our base you will see this is nothing.
  10. TANOA Comp Request

    Yes the strider flung up once the rotor crapped out, look at the screenshot!! You can see the rotor is damaged for no reason. And what I meant by stalled is the rotor shut down/the engine didn't work. And with regards to the wall thing I didn't know this issue was the players fault, because it had never happened.
  11. TANOA Comp Request

    There is no way any of the above happened. I have been playing Arma for awhile now and this was most certainly an Arma related bug. Also I have never had problems flying at this speed with a strider before.
  12. TANOA Comp Request

    So I had just purchased a merlin from the Airport trader, after doing so I hooked up my strider and headed off to our base. I was flying cautiously when the automated chopper voice said something like "engine failure" and the chopper just shut off. The death message was the one where it says "User died because the universe hates him." Our family has a substantial amount of money but this is still aggravating. Can we please get comp for the Merlin and Strider. (The Strider was not at the Crash site.) IGN: Mr