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    • Jigsaw

      Steam Profile Integration   01/18/2017

      Hey everyone you can add your steam profile to the forum. This is what your profile will look like. This is how to add your steam below.    
    • dekela

      NEW Tanoa Exile server with CUP now open   08/13/2017

      IP:  PORT: 2602 Please join this server as it will replace our current server at the end of this month (August). Thanks
    • dekela

      TAG Wasteland closing down   08/13/2017

      Due to a decline in player numbers and donations, unfortunately our TAG Wasteland server will close down at the end of this month. (August)


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  1. Suggestions/Changes for Sept. server wipe

    Trains would be cool, add a bit of living feel to the server. That's one of the big reasons for roaming AI vehicles imo. Not personally fond of the roaming AI on foot or AI in towns without occupation mission markers though tbh. One of the things that pushed me to leave my last server.
  2. Suggestions/Changes for Sept. server wipe

    Sorry, is the new server address or The header on the front page gametracker is different from what's listed here in the thread:
  3. Suggestions/Changes for Sept. server wipe

    I agree with Vish, I think thermals should be taken out. They're nice to have, but I feel they "break" the game. I don't agree with the poptabs thing. I think the lockers should stay, and be able to hold 900k+ poptabs. I feel there should be a slightly greater selection of weapons and gear at the trader safe zones, but not the explosives/rockets/etc. Those should be kept at spec ops/black market imo. I don't think HMG striders/hunters/ifrits should be available at traders. While I like having them, they are too OP IMO to be able to just buy over and over. Using them if you have them from missions should be a risk you have to weigh because of the difficulty to reacquire. Also, I don't know if it's something you can edit or find a mod for, but I have always been greatly bothered by the carry limits of the vehicles. I think it's ridiculous that something like ural/tempest/zamak etc have such low capacity. They should be able to carry 15k+ instead of 4-5k. There is no way a ural would barely be able to carry more than a jeep. I'd also like to see the occasional roaming AI vehicle, and the ability to claim random spawn/ai vehicles with code locks.
  4. Mods

    Hey hey! It works! Thanks
  5. Mods

    Hey no worries, I'm glad you're willing to spend your free time working on it like this. I appreciate it.
  6. Mods

    Sorry man, still seems to be happening. Maybe it's on my end?
  7. Mods

    Awesome, thank you, looking forward to it
  8. Mods

    Not sure if it helps
  9. Mods

  10. Mods

    For the above post, the last bit about config edit, I'm not sure if that applies here being wasteland as well.
  11. Mods

    I believe I am using this: I have it showing in the launcher. I get into game and play fine with it "loaded" The problem comes when I deploy. I get into position, the bipod icon shows on my screen, then 1-2 seconds later I get kicked from game. Every single time I try to use it. I have read about others having this problem as well. Here is a link to a forum where someone else running an Arma3 server was having the problem and so removed it from their server, but they don't go into much detail: 3rd post down. On another forum it is mentioned that config file needs to be edited to not be kicked for hacking when using this mod, but I assume this has already been done or is no longer an issue if you are using the mod fine yourself. Here is the link anyway: and here is what they said:
  12. Mods

    The only one I've tried but been unable to load with is shacktac hud. I also get kicked out of game when I use the weapon resting mod, but from my understanding that's a long standing problem.
  13. Mods

    I noticed when you log in it lists the mods for the server on the screen, and some of them I've not been able to load in with, like shacktac etc. Is the list just outdated, or am I using the wrong version of the mod? I also find it listed on this servers signatures on its battlemetrics page:
  14. What to do?

    A few nights ago when I logged on there were 24 players. Was like that all night, I was quite impressed.
  15. What to do?

    Well, I hope you don't decide to close down your Exile server. It's one of the highest pop Exile servers in Aus. I came here for two reasons, my own clan server is a ghost town these days (everyone is playing other things at the moment) and it's an Altis server which I'm not really in the mood for at the moment (really wanted some Tanoa play). Over the last couple of years, even at our best we only had 10-15 people on a night on that server as well. To see 10-20+ people on your server regularly is still pretty amazing to me. I have played occasionally on the EXP servers, but they don't run Tanoa, and I prefer not to have 250+ ping.