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    • Jigsaw

      Steam Profile Integration   01/18/2017

      Hey everyone you can add your steam profile to the forum. This is what your profile will look like. This is how to add your steam below.    
    • dekela

      NEW Tanoa Exile server with CUP now open   08/13/2017

      IP:  PORT: 2602 Please join this server as it will replace our current server at the end of this month (August). Thanks


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  1. Tag application for Vishphat

    There is a list of KOS with extreme prejudice
  2. Tag application for Vishphat

    He is in our KOS list, so yeah, you will be a good asset ::)
  3. Removal of thermals

    We still have 3 helmets. Would be nice to know how many helmets still on the server. Also we still have lasidesi
  4. Removal of thermals

    Confirmed that special purpose helmets still on the server
  5. Server Event-3rd June 2130hrs

    All this fuss for wood? Must be something else i see
  6. Upcoming Server Update Change Log

    You rekon its bit too far?
  7. Removal of thermals

    Yes and yes!
  8. Upcoming Server Update Change Log

    Remove thermal helmets/Scopes etc, I agree 100%, and will actually start a poll when I get home. I vote with both hands! Why? Because i want to able to use ALL the uniforms if i want to, not just STRG Stealth, even tho i really like the way its looks. Nice changes, ta!
  9. Fog - Begone.

    Surly they deserve a kill, nobody saying that they not. And don't take current setting as a nerf. See, i can say "why i should suffer a FPS drop when its 40+ players online with 3km load distance and im usually around 300 meters", i think its fair to assume. Its not a nerf just because people getting killed by sniper rifles a lot, its just for better overall server performance no more no less. Current setting 1200 clear view, 1200-1400 visibility at around 70%, from 1400-1600 dropping to 0. Again, im not saying its impossible to make that shot. At Stratis wasteland server`s i did 2.4 k shots and working within 2k its not a hard job at all. But in Exile you most unlikely will find static target for more than 1.5k shot. One more, if you are a sniper and solo, well, at any distance you are a dead meat if you trying to keep same position. If you not relocating after each shot than you not a sniper, but dude with a big ass rifle looking for a targets of opportunity. Been sniper doesnt mean that you have a rifle, been sniper its actual skill asset. Same for a grunt which scare to go on the front line. If you are providing sniper cover for a combat team than again, you cant be farther than 1-1.2 k away, usually aroun 800-900 to be effective, even if you will get spotted than its up to fire team to suppress. Again, we can talk all day about, but its just better for a server, cuz arma made this way
  10. Fog - Begone.

    It seems like some player`s cant see a reason and\or have a good rig and don't really care about others performance. At this stage when online 45+ you can see FPS drop or lag in action such as open\close doors. If change rendering distance more 1.6 it surly will kill FPS even on top spec rigs. Can`t see a reason why would you have render distance more than 1.6k on Tanoa anyway. Most of it its jungles, and engagements always under 800 meters. If someone getting killed more than 1k away its his fault for not using cover. I would be more happy with rendering 1.2k to be honest, but again, im a assault class, never a sniper and i cant ask this cuz some people do work on long range. 1k+ shots on tanoa, its so rare, its not a hollywood
  11. Armed and Armoured? Good or Bad?

    Its 6.5 if im not mistaken, but overall i agree. Good firing platform but need a skilled pilot and REALLY good gunner to be actually effective and not just ratatatata balloon. In HMG Strider sniping players 1.5 km away is a really easy task, rangefinder build in, wide 20x zoom, no recoil, basically no skills needed. But if Driver and Gunners are pro, than its becoming a real nightmare for everyone within rendering range.
  12. Militarized Tanoa Exile?

    10 out 10 Its good fun with all those APC and atack heli in exile, but for those who have numbers. Imaging yourself on receiving end...
  13. Tanoa camos

    Hi! I was wondering, is it possible to get camos that suits better for Tanoa? I mean for RPG-42, Titans, MX SW in Khaki color. And why there is no on the server UAZ with 5 cal and Land Rover A2 with 50 aswell. If all of it removed for a resason then all good, no worries, but if there is no particular reason, maybe we can use it? UAZ and Land Rover is in Exile file system already, and they have no armor or anything, even more open then a Humvie :)) But RPG in green hex, thats would be lovely! My tropical outfit with Sand colored RPG 42 its against Feng Shui Also there is Olive and Green Hex for Titans aswell. If it cant be done, not a big deal! Thanks!
  14. EJECT EJECT.....

    Well, there is not options for a vote, so is it really a Poll ? :)) Second, its easy to take advantage from auto chute like in KOTH, you dont need to travel to get one, you dont have to have a stock of it, and plus you can wear your backpack. If someone want to paradrop at the base, its should be well organized and carefully crafted plan and logistic behind that. Not like, hey we got a heli lets rain ont them with our bodies
  15. Poll: Adding Spawn Points to Territory Flags

    Lets not forget, its not about carrying defib or not, or getting killed and want to come back it to the fight right on. Its just an option to spawn at the base, doesnt matter why, get stuck in texture and died or even suicide just to get there.