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    • Jigsaw

      Steam Profile Integration   01/18/2017

      Hey everyone you can add your steam profile to the forum. This is what your profile will look like. This is how to add your steam below.    
    • dekela

      NEW Tanoa Exile server with CUP now open   08/13/2017

      IP:  PORT: 2602 Please join this server as it will replace our current server at the end of this month (August). Thanks

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Life is feudal

    @Jigsaw @dekela i made a guide how to destroy those items not on the claim if you're interested
  3. Last week
  4. What to do?

    no mate, we moved the exile server to a hosted machine, so it will be staying up. we are hoping that we can gain enough regular donations again to get back on a dedicated box.
  5. What to do?

    HI Dekela, I just joined the Exile Tanoa server, as its the only high pop one when I play thats not that a ugly cherno one. Is this shutdown still on the cards? I don't want to start dedicating any time and have it go to waste is all. If i knew it was going down Id prob still play just not put too much effort in.
  6. Earlier
  7. Life is feudal

    Mistakes were made
  8. Life is feudal

    Not minecraft. Life allthe way.
  9. Life is feudal

    Glad you're enjoying it. It's definitely better with friends to chat to while you work the fields together! I'm using Minecraft as an Arma 3 breaker currently, but between the two games I'm not getting anything else done (including sleep) haha!
  10. Life is feudal

    This is slow and grindy, but with a couple of other players its actually enjoyable. No way I would handle it on my own I don't think. Big learning curve, but a nice breaker from arma
  11. Life is feudal

    ooooooo. Tough game for your first RPG/MMO. It's slooooooooooow
  12. Life is feudal

    I grabbed this last night, it will be my first teal go at an RPG/MMO so I'll see how it goes
  13. Life is feudal

    That's the guy! Oh man LiF can take over your real life! haha.
  14. Life is feudal

    Yeah i think i iknow the one it's called Primitive Technology: i'm currently playing on a popular Aus server for LIF:YO atm there should be a big patch coming soon that makes it even more grindy but i kinda like it still, my best go to cas play. almost sunk 3k hrs into it now
  15. Life is feudal

    Oh man, so much work! I used to plow through youtube videos on my second monitor while playing LiF. I never really got around to finding a high pop server. Honestly I was watching the youtube channel something primative bushcraft (can't quite remember) where the guy goes out bush in north queensland a bit and as his own little primative setup, where he shows making forges, mud huts, pottery etc. from the resources of the land. I wanted to sort of recreate that and then LiF popped up.
  16. Eagle390

    Hey all, I thought I would finally get around to making an intro. I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I enjoy all things military/armed forces. I also have a passion for Warhammer 40k and a new interest in Star Wars Armada. I used to run a 7Days To Die server, which I passed the torch on as my study commitments increased. I'm just about to finish my study as a Finance Broker (have been working in the industry for over 3 years already), and have a background in Civil Engineering, Project Management and Small Business. I'm also a qualified sound and lighting tech and have experience in Security as a Crowd Controller, armed guard and cash in transit. I'm a jack of all trades I love helping people and building communities. I used to be Recruitment and Membership co-ordinator for Electrofied Life Forms (ELF) years ago when we played COD Black Ops, before the founder sadly passed away. Back before then, I used to run with a UK crew playing Battlefield 2. My ping was a constant 350 back then, but it didn't matter. We had heaps of fun and had a great group of guys, with endless laughs. These days, I run a local gaming group for Wargaming and video games, and co-run a special interest social club. I'm always up for a chat (when time allows!) so feel free to drop me a line
  17. Drinking things

    I'm quite partial to Crown.... or Tequila shots
  18. Life is feudal

    We had 2 then 3 and wehad a stone castle stone walls around our whole city with everything we needed inside the walls master town planner @Neacail who still plays and i jump on every now and again if i had a bigger team would hit it again.
  19. Laws of War DLC (Orange)

    I'm keen as a bean to try the campaign. I've found the Arma campaigns to be quite good. I'm also keen to see what modders do with the extra tools. I'm super keen for propaganda drops
  20. Life is feudal

    I used to host a server. It's the most grindy game ever, but I've never ever had the same sense of achievement in a game as I did when I completed my 3 story house! Only had 3 other people in my village so it took forever to get anything done. Would be interested in playing with many more players.
  21. TAG application

  22. TAG application

    Thanks Dekela Side note; I didn't rage quit the other night. I was already on waaaay later than I should have been due to early work start so rather than run all the way back as a bambi again, I thought it would be a good time to jump off . I don't think I've ever rage quit any game ever (even back in the old Counter Strike Source days); I usually prefer to see things out . I've been really enjoying the competition!
  23. TAG application

    Hey mate, welcome. We would normally ask that you keep doing what you have been for 30 days, as well as jump in game with a few TAG. However, due to the current low number of active clan members on the server, we are happy if you continue to play as you have been with you current group instead. Just keep doing what you have been and all should be fine. If the opportunity arises to play with some fellow clan, by all means go for it. Now, if you want to play some KOTH at teamrevolt, go for it. Maybe some wasteland on strayagaming, all good. BUT, if you want to play Exile, play it only on TAG. We do organise some clan nights on other servers though, which is an exception from the rule. We will be sending a group over to cherno soon to hunt and club some baby S.E.A.L. As we are running in smaller groups, you or your mates will most likely get killed by us. It happens, and it's not personal, so please don't be soft cocks and rage quit the server. Above all, enjoy the server, play the server and don't be a dick. I'll organise some trial tags for you later.
  24. HKTRU (Hello Kitty Tactical Response Unit)

  25. Pokemon GO

    I run the Brisbane Team valor group
  26. TAG application

    Thought I might throw in an application. I run some hobby and gaming groups, but it's been quite a while since I've had a clan to call home. I've been enjoying Arma 3, and Arma 3 exile. I am community oriented and a good promoter, and in game I enjoy working with others and giving everyone a fun game experience. My focus is around what would make games more fun for everyone. I'm also a reasonable player, and am good in team environments. I'm also capable of working by myself if need be. I think I would be a good fit for the TAG clan community. Eagle390
  27. Suggestions/Changes for Sept. server wipe

    Not too serious. They took out my gall bladder. Quite painful at the moment, but from my understanding recovery is relatively fast. And as an added perk I get off work until Sept 12th. Main reason CUP is more popular is probably because of the massive file size for RHS. I used to have the RHS files but ended up deleting them to free up 10gb of space.
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